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Month: November 2016

Organic Reviews and Apex Predator: Some Lessons to Share

I have previously communicated some of my thoughts on the writing process as I prepared my novel Apex Predator for publication. One of the issues I tackled was how to go about garnering reviews. After some thought I decided on what I believe to be a novel approach, but first let’s review the conventional wisdom.

It seems that every other “how to market your new book website or blog” out there says you should beg or even bribe family and friends to load up Amazon and social media with positive reviews of your work. Of course, this didn’t sit well with me. As an avid reader myself I love the thought that reviews posted about prospective books that I’m considering for purchase are from genuine buyers with an equally passionate interest in the book’s subject matter. Though that’s not true, I try to peruse the reviews for the kernels of truth where they can be found. As such, and when it came to Apex Predator, I decided instead to say nothing to my friends and family.

Instead, and following Apex Predator’s October 31st publication date I spoke of my book here, and on the related werewolf and horror driven social media sites where I’m active. This was done in part because I hoped that genuine horror fans exactly like me would be the one’s commenting on my work’s worth as a source of entertainment. So far, my decision is being rewarded. In the past week I have landed my first two independent (or as I like to say “organic”) reviews. I am thrilled that both readers very much enjoyed my book. My hope is that other horror fans feel the same. Moreover, for other authors out there this modest start hopefully offers an example that sometimes the more honest marketing path is the better one.


The Super Moon

Early this morning we had the “super-moon”.  What’s that? Because it’s come so close to Earth, the full moon looks bigger than an average full moon and it is much brighter. In fact, it’s the biggest and best full moon in half a century.

The distance between Earth and its moon is measured from their respective centers, and that distance dropped to 221,524 miles early this morning. January 26, 1948 was the last time the moon edged this close, and it won’t do so again until November 25, 2034. But if you missed it, don’t sweat it.

That’s because even though the moon technically turned full this morning (at that point the moon came closest to the earth) because of the timing of fullness, the moon will appear full on both Sunday and Monday nights—though the exact moment of fullness technically falls right between the two. Obviously, for werewolf fans this is all quite fun. For me, it’s more fun yet.

That’s because my new werewolf book Apex Predator actually gets into some of the nuts and bolts of the NASA lunar tables. This occurs during a scene where the book’s heroes are coming to terms with the thought that they may be fighting for survival against our favorite monster. Something else to think about when you are standing outside tonight staring up at the fullest of full moons!






Apex Predator is Available for Purchase

I am thrilled to say that my novel, Apex Predator is available for purchase in both softcover or electronic formats. Thank you to everyone who has inquired as to when it would be made available. I hope you enjoy it!

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