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As many of you know by now, Robin Williams died yesterday at age 63 (apparently suicide being the cause of death).

My first exposure to his work was via the TV Show Mork & Mindy. From there, and though Mrs. Doubtfire gets so much attention, three of my favorite performances of his were in Good Morning Vietnam and of all things, two of his darker roles; in the 2002 films Insomnia and One Hour Photo. In addition I would be utterly remiss to ignore the 1980 film Popeye, in which he played the titular character. The movie was in heavy rotation on HBO and was a staple of my childhood.

Rather than go into a long introspective piece on the greatness that was his particular brand of comedy I would like to show you some examples of why he was such a riveting entertainer:


Here’s a little something to help perk up your Monday blah’s (it will either make you laugh hysterically at what used to pass for “cool” or want to get out and strap on the old roller skates).

Either way, it’s from the 1979 movie Roller Boogie and set to Boogie Wonderland (a classic in it’s own right – in 1979 it peaked at Number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, sold over a million copies and was certified “gold” by the RIAA). A trivia note here: many of the skaters also performed in another homage to roller skating culture: 1980’s Xanadu.

So enjoy the fashions, skating skills, music, hairstyles, and oh by the way…I wish I were still that skinny:

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