I am always looking for well-written articles or book reviews to share with my readers. If you like to write, or are thinking about writing an article about aspects of horror or popular culture that seem like a good fit for my blog then this is the place for you.

The focus of my writing is primarily horror based, but article submissions and book/movie reviews about Science Fiction, Comic Books, Action/Adventure, Television, and more are also accepted. You retain full copyright for your articles and reviews. There are several criteria weighed in making a decision regarding publication – see below under the Submission Guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Again, there are many possible topics worth writing about and submitting for publication. If you are unsure as to whether your topic is right for publication merely contact us where indicated elsewhere on these pages. In addition please write “Article Submission” in the subject line of the email; otherwise the email may be deleted as spam.

Submission Format

Please submit files in Microsoft Word as an email attachment. Double space your article, use one-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman or another easily readable type set, number your pages, and use endnotes where needed. Proper attribution and documentation for your ideas are a must if you are referring to someone else’s work. For internet citations include the date you last accessed the website. If directly quoting then use quotation marks; a citation is mandatory after a quotation. Indent as a block quote any quotes 50 words or longer. Format the main body of your email submission as a query letter briefly describing the subject and thesis of your article, what makes the article worth reading i.e. why is it unique, significant, interesting, length of your article (in words), and status of project.


Write clearly, directly and lively. Avoid the passive tense, and vary your sentence and paragraph length. Thoroughly proofread your work before submission, it will be your name on the published article. Remember, do not expect a comprehensive vetting of your materials. Primary evaluation of your article will come from the ratings or comments your peers assign to your article i.e. after publishing your article on the web. So submit your best work, because it will be posted for as long as I am around. Academic or specialized papers are acceptable for publication but require modification for a general reading audience before submission. Finally, if you want your article to be illustrated you will need to supply your own pictures, headings and attribution for the pictures.


Articles should run a minimum of 1,500 words and should adequately cover the subject matter chosen by the author.

I look forward to reading your work!