Early this morning we had the “super-moon”.  What’s that? Because it’s come so close to Earth, the full moon looks bigger than an average full moon and it is much brighter. In fact, it’s the biggest and best full moon in half a century.

The distance between Earth and its moon is measured from their respective centers, and that distance dropped to 221,524 miles early this morning. January 26, 1948 was the last time the moon edged this close, and it won’t do so again until November 25, 2034. But if you missed it, don’t sweat it.

That’s because even though the moon technically turned full this morning (at that point the moon came closest to the earth) because of the timing of fullness, the moon will appear full on both Sunday and Monday nights—though the exact moment of fullness technically falls right between the two. Obviously, for werewolf fans this is all quite fun. For me, it’s more fun yet.

That’s because my new werewolf book Apex Predator actually gets into some of the nuts and bolts of the NASA lunar tables. This occurs during a scene where the book’s heroes are coming to terms with the thought that they may be fighting for survival against our favorite monster. Something else to think about when you are standing outside tonight staring up at the fullest of full moons!