This week marked the ten year anniversary of the beginning of one of the all time great TV Shows: Lost. On September 22, 2004 the Lost pilot episode blasted across our screens with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and stunning Hollywood movie level production values that drew in nearly 19 million viewers.

To this day many believe that it was Lost that ushered in the Golden Age of Television that we still find ourselves, enjoying a wealth of high quality dramas and top notch acting. In addition Lost may have been one of the first shows to really take advantage of social media and see the conversation around the show, including debates about its intellectually stimulating plot, characters, and science fiction elements, rise to a level almost equaling the actual viewing experience.

Never in my life have I enjoyed a TV show as much as Lost, and that is saying quite a bit with my all time favorites including such shows as Game of Thrones, The Americans, American Horror Story, The Soprano’s, True Detective, and so many more completely worth our collective time. But it was Lost that provided me with endless moments I simply cannot nor will ever forget: the raft launch, the deaths of Sun/Jin, the VW bus, Sawyer telling Jack about Christian, the endless butting of heads between Jack and Locke, anything with Ben Linus, the Hatch, the button, and perhaps the show’s three greatest scenes from 3rd to 1st as follows:

3.) The revelation Locke had been in a wheelchair:

2.) The Death of Charlie:

1.) The best scene from perhaps the best Lost episode ever: “The Constant” where Desmond and Penny sealed their place in our hearts: